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Markets, simplified and set free

smartX is a completely digital, decentralized identity, monetary and governance system to instantly create smart, automated markets and contracts for anything and easily exchange value with anyone over the internet without middlemen. As a totally serverless & permissionless platform built on IPFS, smartX empowers people to self-organize at scale - instead of relying on complex bureaucratic processes and centralized intermediaries such as governments, banks & companies - to seamlessly manage market activities.

Your imagination is the only limitation - from universal payments to issuance of tweet-stocks to signing general contracts, everything is a breeze in a smart, tokenized economy.


Use currency of the internet to buy things, pay others or tip on social networks


Provide your digital native smartID as proof of identity anywhere


Invest in a tweet, trade reddit meme or bet on video's popularity


Set up a company, co-op or a group for a dedicated cause in minutes

Real estate

Create digital contracts on commercial or residential property


Issue degrees, proofs and certifications of any kind


Draft legal agreements for all needs, from employment to rental


Simple, universal subscription of basic social services for all


Seamless direct democracy on issues of community interest


Why smartX matters?

World economy is ruled by intermediaries - companies, governments, banks - with too much power and incentives in the hands of a few; making only rich, richer. Value creation opportunities have been limited for average joe and far too much value is lost due to inefficiency created by poor and complex socio-economic models such as inflationary monetary policies, unaccountable governance, bureaucratic red tapes, interface proliferation, data hoarding to name a few.

"The last crisis did not hit us despite the presence of our monetary and financial authorities. It hit us because of them."

smartX wants to change this with “social capitalism” where everyone has an opportunity to be a solopreneur on top of a unified socio-economic system.

Mission is to make it easier for people to manage market activities through a smart, truly digital and self-sovereign economy - managed by rules, not controlled by rulers; unlocking more value/wealth and giving more freedom to the masses.

If internet and social media helped create value, smartX will help capture and exchange value.

Who can join smartX?

SmartX is like a global village where everyone is welcome - from an unbanked person in Kenya to a banker on Wall st, anyone is free to join and participate. smartX bridges the gap among creators, curators, consumers and market makers through a smart open economy where value is captured from everything.

Anyone can become a collaborator, investor and winner in this new world through nothing but their skills. Imagine value unlocked by such digitization: original creators get royalty, curators, fans & market makers get to own & invest in future, consumers get better discovery and much more.

Why do I need to get verified?

smartID acts as your digital native ID card/passport that is issued to you when you join the network. smartX is a purely peer to peer system i.e. no central party like Government, Bank or Company controls it. Verification is mandatory in order to avoid spoofing of identities and make sure each individual receives smartCoin only once.

What's the reward-risk with verification?

The system simply relies on incentive/mechanism design principles to function. If you behave as per rules you get rewarded (e.g. 0.5% of smartCoin of each peer you verify comes back to you) but if you try to perform malice by verifying fake peers you not only lose all your wealth and reputation but also end up diluting the value of smartCoin.

How is smartCoin minted and issued?

smartCoin is minted as per natural log based token minting function. Not only it makes experience frictionless & viral but also offers a fair way to distribute money. Anyone can tell right now how much a billionth member will get with certainty! With this model we're pretty much guaranteed to see supply proportional to network growth / utility.

Is my private data secure?

All your sensitive data e.g. private keys, ID proof etc. never leaves your machine. However you must ensure safety of your machine and keys storage.

Who owns and runs smartX?

smartX is meant to be open source application/DAO built on a suite of simple protocols and features to build a smart, truly digital economy. Anyone who wants to give real wealth, freedom and power back to people is welcome to join and contribute to the endeavor.

How can I use smartCoin?

As internet's socio-economic layer, smartX will help you invest in a tweet, trade memes on reddit, create contracts on house, request college degrees, buy a photo on insta, watch a premium video on youtube, pay to chat on messenger or simply tip on anyone's blog!

How to create smartItems / tokens?

Under the hood smartX uses generic curved bonding structure for pricing and minting tokens, and creating automated markets on IPFS based universal token & transfer protocol. Anyone can basically create tokens representing any underlying good (in the form of url), pricing mechanism, incentive structure and compliance rules. When someone buys that token not only they own that item but also automatically benefit from baked in incentives and follow associated regulatory mechanism.



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